Coscione plateau  Website

We had inland, and more precisely the Coscione plateau situated at 1500 metres of altitude. It is the habitat of an exceptional Corsican fauna and flora.



The Cavu river  Website

The Cavu River has its source 1 km northeast of Puntacci (1,221 m), at a height of 950 m, in the forest of Ospedale, in the municipality of Zonza.



The Piscia di Gallo waterfall  Website

Contrary to popular belief and what the IGN toponym suggests, Piscia di Gallo does not come from the Corsican Piscia di Ghjaddu ("cock piss"), but Piscia di u Ghjàddicu ("fir tree waterfall"). The waterfall is located in the Ospedale Massif. The Petra Piana stream, main branch of the Oso, flows together with the Palavesani stream, which comes from the Ospedale reservoir, and squeezes through rocks and stones for 300 m before falling 80 m along a rocky wall.



The Caldane thermal spring  Website

The water of the basin, slightly sulphurous and with healing effects, has a temperature of 37° / 38°. It is known for its therapeutic and relaxing effects and is excellent against skin and bone disorders, as well as sore throats, nasal and ear infections or other inflammatory diseases. The spring has a flow rate of around 5000 L/h. The water in the pool has been continuously renewed in a natural way for centuries, which preserves its purity.



Lake Ospedale  Website

The Ospedale dam was built in 1979 with a reservoir of 3 million m3. It was built to support the drinking water supply of Porto-Vecchio, the third largest city in Corsica, as well as the entire surrounding tourist area. The lake itself has become a sightseeing attraction in the middle of the Ospedale forest.



Les Aromatiques  Website

Aromatic and wild plants of Corsica, dried herbs, botanical discovery walks

"Talking to the plants? I have nothing against that. But personally, I prefer to listen to them! "Stéphane Rogliano has no lack of humour, a humour that is both light-hearted and extremely perceptive. This experienced botanist is not only a producer of plants for the garden (bred and grown in Corsica), but also a "Multiplier" of wild plants.



Bonifacio  Website

Bonifacio has left a lasting impression on travellers in the past. Like Charles the Fifth or Napoleon Bonaparte, the writer Antoine Pasquin, called Valery, was also captivated by the place. By describing the town as "capitale pittoresque" (picturesque capital), he sums up in two well-chosen words the powerful impressions and extraordinary memories that the "city of cliffs" will offer you.



The Lavezzi islands  Website

Prepare yourself for something magnificent: Today I am heading to the archipelago of the Lavezzi Islands for a land-and-sea discovery, a small corner that is said to be heavenly: the island of Lavezzu. I got up early to take advantage of the first departure of the shuttle boats. The island is the largest of the 7 islands (and numerous islets) that compose the Lavezzi archipelago. After half an hour's ride, during which we pass extraordinary cliffs with these houses almost floating above the abyss, the batteries of my camera are already running hot as I reach the island, a protected nature reserve.



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