Estate of Torraccia  Website

"Love-Believe-Dare": this has been the slogan of the Imbert family for 50 years, since the creation of the Domaine de Torraccia. A pioneer in organic farming and the patriarch, Christian Imbert works for the recognition of endemic grape varieties, anchored in original know-how. The ploughing of the land, the ploughing of the soil at the foot of the stumps, the harvesting: everything is done by hand!



Estate of Fior di Lecci  Website

Domaine Fior di Lecci is part of a beautiful family history. Maurice Gueyraud and his wife created the winery in Lecci in 1969. The place appeared deserted and the land was untouched by any cultivation. A long and hard work began to make the property workable. It is to this immoderate passion that Maurice and Monique's four children wish to pay tribute today.



Estate of Valle  Website

Organic seasonal vegetables

The authentic Valle farm offers the discerning consumer a wide range of AB vegetables and an exclusive range of its own farm seeds.



In The garden of La Testa  Website

The Gardens de la Testa extend over nearly 21 hectares, dominated by Monte Calcinu. Jean-Jacques Laurent has been taking care of this rich orchard for 13 years. He is particularly keen on the organic farming label (AB). And according to Jean-Jacques, there is no greater satisfaction than to see happy customers leave... and come back!



Estate of Granajolo  Website

In 1999, Gwenaële Boucher went to Australia to learn wine-making techniques. Despite her young age - she was only 23 at the time - she quickly realised that she was working in an "industry", far from the values taught to her by her father, André, who was a great lover of vines. The young woman only stayed six months in the Pacific before finding André three years later at the Domaine de Granajolo.



Dairy U Valdilicciu  Website

Carefully selected animals, a brand new sheepfold built by his own hands and the forthcoming arrival of his daughter who is finishing her agricultural training, these are all ingredients that will enable Philippe Delcroix to continue to delight his customers with his tasty cheeses.



Olive oil U Palazzu  Website

Jean-Christophe Arrii is an heir... in the noble sense of the term! This young dynamic olive grower has indeed inherited thepassion of his ancestors for the cultivation of the olive tree: "Like my grandfather, I have an almost carnal relationship with this tree", he admits. According to him, olive growing is an art of living, as it requires patience, self-sacrifice and unceasing work.



Dairy Ansaloni  Website

Maxime collects "Prix d'Excellence"! The first one went to Jocelyne, in 2005, for her "casgiu" from Sartene (in the South Corsica). Since then, Maxime has continued the tradition! "You have to be demanding. Beyond the recognition by the profession, which is always pleasant, it is the loyalty of my customers that reassures me! "From July onwards, the herd transhumes to the Cuscionu plateau for three months of summer pasture.



Les simples & divines  Website

Essential oils, "Nature & Progrès" cosmetics

In 2001, Isabelle created "Les Simples et Divines" and initially experimented with the production of soaps (using the first cold process saponification in Corsica) and moisturising oils before taking an agricultural training course in 2005, which she defines as "the passport to learning about distillationand mastering the raw material". Today Isabelle offers a range of 12 essential oils in addition to soaps, oils and floral waters, under the "Slow Cosmetics and Nature&Progrès" banner - consuming beauty differently.



Beekeeper Francine Lucchinacci  Website

Francine Lucchinacci has returned to her native island to live in harmony with nature. Her choice: bees! This job corresponds to her aspirations: concern for the environment, autonomy and versatility. Patient and perfectionist, the Beekeeper does not neglect any stage in the preparation of her crops and pays particular attention to each of the operations.



Charcuterie U Porcu di Cagna  Website

When he was only 12 years old, Maxence Finidori discovered the world of agriculture on a cattle farm. The young man confidesthat the fact to be immersed in the rural environment from a very early age only accentuated his desire to become a breeder, and more particularly a pig breeder. Today, Maxence has 130 pigs, 40 of which are destined for the production of typical local products such as Prisuttu, Lonzu and Coppa, with one watchword: quality.



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